Restore Hope.

Meet Ntathu

Big hugs and hi, I'm Ntathu Allen (she/her).

I am an author, Yoga Nidra Facilitator & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

I believe we are all born with gifts to heal and dreams of restoring peace, hope and love to the shattered parts of our hearts and world.

However, our intersectional identities and roles to stay "safe and fit in" often leave us feeling lost, isolated, ignored, and alienated from our true selves.

We forget who we are, and the dreams buried in our hearts crumble.

That's why I meditate and write to remind you who you are, and how far we have come.

To support you to stay nourished, cared for and hopeful as we heal our broken hearts and work together to create a safer, kinder, healthier world.

I have lived a life in service - from working 14 years as a Probation Officer in high unemployment and poorly resourced inner-city boroughs in London, UK, to teaching yoga and meditation for the last 15 years to all community sectors, and globally online.

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Thank you.

Ntathu Allen

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